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B1 Spacer RED version - Arctong will draw a lottery for 1 red limited edition B1 Spacer

To celebrate Chinese New Year, Arctong will draw 1 limited edition of RED B1 Spacer (with a number of 001 undernealth RED B1 Spacer's foot) for the first 49 customers worldwide to buy either a green original version or purple special version on our website, facebook, instagram, wechat or Taobao store during these 9 days, between USA pacific standard time January 22nd, 2020 12:00am - January 30th, 2020 11:59pm (Hong Kong standard time January 23rd, 2020 4:00pm - January 31st, 2020 3:59pm)

The first 49 purchased customers during these 9 days will be send by email to receive a lucky drawing number randomly between 1-49 and the drawing will take place in mid-February, 2020 in our head-quarter Hong Kong office. Arctong will record a video and post on media for whom are interested to see. Details of lottery draw will be announce later. The lucky winner of RED limited version B1 Spacer shall receive this figure within 14 days after the lottery draw.

Lottery draw rules:

1. Customers who buy Rainbow limited version or other products are not eligible for lottery draw.

2. Due to Chinese New Year, all shipping and handling for customers who purchase green, purple version or any other products between Jan 22nd - 30th will be ship starting from February 5th, 2020

3. The lucky winner of lottery draw will pay standard shipping and handling fee to mail to their country address by SF express courier.

4. Arctong reserve all rights, at our discretion, to change the lottery draw terms at any time; if we do so we will notify in advance of such changes.

5. Only the first 49 customers by sequence of Arctong received payment who buy either green or purple version of B1 Spacer during these 9 days are eligible for the lottery draw from our worldwide selling platforms. to purchase our green original version or purple special version B1 Spacer

Founded in 2018, Arctong's design and production office headquartered in Hong Kong. The firm aim to build a trendy brand, using ART to design and produce toy, figures, clothing, asscessories etc. Arctong also provide visual illustration design services and crossover with other famous brands.

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