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B1 Spacer Rainbow Lazer Version and Metallic RED Version - All Limited Edition

Arctong's latest limited edition B1 Spacer Lazer Rainbow edition just sold 70 limited pieces at a live show last night on BOTS Toys Live Show. There are only a few pieces left for the lazer rainbow edition and we want our die hard fans to know while supply last.

Arctong has also released a pre-sale of Metallic RED version which was asked by many fans around the world. This limited edition will start shipping in May, 2020. 99 limited pieces of the RED version only plus 001 has been drawn out to a winner already. The creation of Metallic RED version for B1 Spacer is to respond to earth's current COVID-19 situation that RED will come to earth and help all the respectful medical professionals.

Happy Buying !

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