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oWin frosted Rainbow Limited 5 Version

oWin frosted Rainbow Limited 5 Version

SKU: 00756

Far away in the outer space, we have discovered a new member of ARCTONG's metaverse. OWIN creation is inspired by the outlook of Owl in Space. OWIN has 4 magnet connectiin points for their arms and wings in body and uphold ARCTONG design traditions, the head is the 5th magnet connection point that can exchange with other ARCTONG's art toy product head. The figure is 8 inches or 20cm tall and resin material produced. OWIN has a nick name call "APS" and they are responsible for the logistic aspect in ARCTONG's metaverse, interacting with ARCTONG's B1 Spacer, M2 Spacer and 8 Feet mission.

oWin frosted Rainbow Limited Version is limit to 5 pieces universewise.

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