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M2 Spacer Rainbow Cosmetic Limited 199 Version

M2 Spacer Rainbow Cosmetic Limited 199 Version

SKU: 00090

M2 Spacer is an image inspired by the animal meerkat wearing space suit and live in a satellite planet call M2.  The head scruplture is the realistic version of meerkat. The body part is made of a round tube combined as space suit. The limbs and body are folded tube-shaped. The rotating radar detector on the back is used to collect information, and the tail is a simulation of reality.  The head, the detector, and the tail are connected by magnets and are detachable. With a helmet-mounted telescope surveying device,  M2 Spacer can detect any color energy or enemies from far far away

Rainbow Cosmetic M2 Spacer are ambassador of M2 Planet in charge of the color and makeup of the spacesuit for all meerkat creature on the planet. 
Especially help M2 Spacers who are obsessed with the planet to make up their looks and design color of their space suit.



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