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B1 Spacer Nuclear Waste Limited 10 Version

B1 Spacer Nuclear Waste Limited 10 Version

SKU: 00092

From outer space, there is a planet call B1 and the spacemen living in this planet is call B1 Spacer. They need to collect more color energy to survive as B1 planet is running out of color energy. They discovered a new planel call "Earth" in the Universe, and all of them are trying to come to earth to collect color energy.


There are only 10 Nuclear Waste B1 Spacer on B1 planet and they are responsible to manage recycle materials of the planet



  • Return & Cancellation policy

    Please notice B1 Spacer Nuclear Waste Version are all hand custom made products. Each of the figure will be slightly different. Customers can contact to ask for pictures of the specific item number out of limited 10 universe wide. 

    Once customers make the order, Arctong do not accept return or cancellation unless major defected work on the figure.

  • Outside of China Quantity

    Only 3 out of 10 limited are selling outside of China to worldwide

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