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B1 Spacer Neon Pinky limited 9 hand paint version

B1 Spacer Neon Pinky limited 9 hand paint version

SKU: 0034

This product use the concept idea of " Chameleon spacemen" to develop to be the cartoon character. The head of the figure is scrupture to be a real Chameleon head. The body of the figure is created to use both leaves and space suits to combine together. The tube shape arms and legs, the back arched shape and the tail of the figure are all itimetate to be the real Chameleon. For the head, the eys and the tail are using magnet to attach tio the figure, can be detach too. The eyes because its using magnet therefore it can rotate to different angles. The overall figure enrich the space and future feeling, using different color to illustrate different type of B1 spacer for the future.




Size:  8 inch(21cm tall)

Material: Soft vinyl + Resin

Retail price: US$ 295

Made in China

Manufacturer: ARCTONG

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