Waffle for one custom paint B1 SPACER Joker Trooper 005

Waffle for one custom paint B1 SPACER Joker Trooper 005


This is a waffle custom make piece (only one) for $80 Hong Kong Dollar (approx. $10 USD) per ticket. 


The Waffle will end on August 31st, Eastern Standard Time and the drawings will take place in mid September through Social Media announcement. Winner shall expect shipping around September 20th, 2020 and receive around end of Sept / early Oct. Please notice what you are paying for:  every $80 Hong Kong dollars will get one ticket to enter the waffle draw. 


Winner pay $25 USD shipping cost standard worldwide where ever you are in this Universe.


Note: custom painting piece will be delivering as shown on the picture and will not be perfect paint work as retail merchandize product. All buyers enter to this waffle draw shall understand this and bare all responsibilities of existing condition. 


From outer space, there is a planet call B1 and the spacemen living in this planet is call B1 Spacer. They need to collect more color energy to survive as B1 planet is running out of color energy. They discovered a new planel call "Earth" in the Universe, and all of them are trying to come to earth to collect color energy.


  • Return Policy

    Returns are not allow in this product ! If there are any obvious defect or broken pieces the winner can contact Arctong through info@arctong.com