WAFFLE - B1 SPACER 1st year anniversary Christmas & New Year Limited 10 Version

WAFFLE - B1 SPACER 1st year anniversary Christmas & New Year Limited 10 Version


US $20 Waffle per ticket - 20 Tickets total 

2020 has been a fun but challenging year for Arctong. Arctong is very proud to announce our first year anniversary hand painted Christmas & New Year limited version. Only 10 available in the entire universe and 5 of those will be available for outside of China collectors. This is the second available one for our collectors to Waffle on our Webstore, US$20 per ticket, total 20 tickets available. Our partner and Chief Designer using 20 different international "goodbye" languages on the figure, to end 2020. A must have if you are B1 Spacer collector ! 


Shipping of this figure - 1st week of January 2021

  • Rules of Waffle

    1. Each person / order maximum to waffle for 2 tickets. More than 3 tickets will automatically disqualify and money will be refund back to customers !

    2. Winners pay US$ 40 flat anywhere you are. Arctong will communicate with you through email on your shipping address and payment of shipping if you win the waffle.

    3. Choose Hong Kong as destination when purchase your waffle ticket. It will charge you zero dollars for shipping and we will email you back to communicate with your actual shipping address. Write the following shipping address :

    Suite & Floor : Room C6, 5th Floor,

    Street : No. 3 Tsun Wen Road

    City : Tuen Mun

    Providence : New Territories

    Hong Kong

    3. Waffle will take place on December 20th night at 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time through LIVE on Facebook account arctongtoys

    4. Shipping will take place in the beginning of January 2021. 

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