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GARGOLIN Battle Damaged Version LIMITED 199 PIECES 憤怒的穿山甲 甲格林 戰損限量版

GARGOLIN Battle Damaged Version LIMITED 199 PIECES 憤怒的穿山甲 甲格林 戰損限量版


Battle Damaged Version US$ 79

5 Gargolin Combo US$ 288


Gargolin (Battle-Damaged Mask) product is base on Pangolin's design, to express in "art way" that Pangolin's scales on the back of their bodies are strong and protective, during a battle scene. The battle-damaged mask accessory is design to fit Gargolin's battle spirit.


    This product using "standing pangolin" as the concept design to deveop to be a artistic cartoon figure piece. The overall shape of this figure is a bit chubby, the facial expression is angry, and the scale on the body is sharp and straight. The craws of the figure design to be in front of the figure's chest, to illustrate an angry but cute feeling. The reason why our designer design this expression of figure is to illustrute the concept of the figure to be "becareful, I will be angry easily" but actually inside him, he has a very shy personality. 



    GARGOLIN - Battle Damaged Version

    Size:  5.5 inch(14cm tall)

    Material: Resin

    Retail price: US$ 79

    Made in China

    Manufacturer: ARCTONG

  • 產品信息




    憤怒的穿山甲 甲格林 戰損限量版



    零售價:US$ 79


    生產商:ARCTONG 亞銅創玩

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